Automated Solutions

Commercial Smart Buildings

Experience shading solutions that transcend mere sunlight control…

Efficiently optimise energy consumption, mitigate solar heat gain and diminish reliance on artificial lighting. Discover tailored solutions engineered to economize costs while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your project.

Cost Efficiency

Leverage our automated shading systems to precisely regulate heat loss, heat gain, and lighting levels. Over time, these capabilities translate into significant enhancements to your energy efficiency metrics and cost savings.

BMS Integration Excellence

Experience seamless integration of our blinds and curtains with your existing or planned Building Management System (BMS). Meaning that your shading system can be in complete harmony with the other smart features in your project.

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Feedback-Driven Functionality

  • Our shading solutions boast advanced data-sharing capabilities with your BMS systems. For example, our blinds can communicate with your lighting systems, providing real-time outside light level data for dynamic adjustments, or receiving interior light level information to autonomously optimise their positioning.

Two-Way Communication

Our systems excel in bi-directional data exchange with other components of your BMS. Key data transmitted and received includes:

Position Status

Energy Usage

Live Weather Reporting

Experience seamless connectivity that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your building’s operations.

We also have the following solutions

  • Retrofit Automation Solutions

  • Standalone Shading Automated Solutions

  • Manual Automated Solutions

  • Wireless Automated Solutions

  • Hardwired Automated Solutions

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