Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit by Louvolite

Introducing the Perfect Fit System of Blinds, the ideal shading solution for commercial environments. Our innovative fitting system seamlessly integrates with uPVC windows and doors, providing a secure housing for the blinds. This unique system allows the blinds to move in perfect sync with the windows, whether they’re opened, tilted, or closed, providing optimal ventilation while maintaining privacy and shade.

The Perfect Fit frame ensures a precise fit, minimizing gaps and preventing light from striking at the edges of the blinds. It adheres to the highest safety standards, making it a reliable solution for commercial environments.

Our Perfect Fit System is available in a variety of configurations, including Roller, Cellular, Pleated, and Aluminium Venetian Blinds, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your commercial space. Whether it’s an office, retail store, or any other commercial setting, our blinds are designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. They seamlessly integrate with tilt and turn windows, making them an excellent choice for new builds.

In addition to their outstanding performance, our Perfect Fit blinds contribute to energy savings. By pairing the frame system with our energy-efficient fabrics, our Energy Saving Solar Shading helps reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs for your commercial space. Experience the benefits of up to 15% energy bill savings while maximizing the insulation properties of our blinds.

Elevate your commercial space with the unmatched functionality, style, and energy efficiency of our versatile Perfect Fit System of Blinds.

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Standout Benefits

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Sleek and seamless appearance that complements interior design without drilling or screwing into walls.

  • Improved Privacy and Light Control: Easy adjustment for desired privacy and light diffusion, creating a comfortable environment.

  • Energy Efficiency: Snug fit reduces drafts, heat loss/gain, and helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, potentially lowering energy costs.

  • Noise Reduction: These blinds provide additional sound insulation, reducing external noise and creating a quieter environment.

  • Streamlined Space Utilization: Perfect Fit blinds fit seamlessly within window frames, optimizing space utilization without obstructions.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Maximise the benefits of our contract fabrics by combining them with our Roller blinds in a Perfect Fit frame. This innovative solution is perfect for uPVC doors and new build tilt and turn windows, offering a seamless and stylish integration.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, provide a versatile and practical choice for your space and are available with manual operation sidewinders or with the convenience of motorised controls.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit Cellular or Pleated blinds, the go-to choice for non-standard commercial installations. These blinds offer exceptional functionality and aesthetics, elevating any commercial space.

Enjoy the flexibility of manual operation or opt for the convenience of motorised blinds. With motorisation, you have the freedom to control your blinds effortlessly using a remote control, mobile app, or even voice commands.

Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Traditionally, Venetian blinds are left down to ensure privacy, but their exposed nature can make them susceptible to damage. However, with the Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian blind solution, you can enjoy added protection and longevity.

Our Perfect Fit system securely clips the blinds within the frame of the windows, significantly reducing the risk of damage. By integrating the blinds into the frame, they remain well-protected and less prone to wear and tear.

Perfect Fit Universal Frame

The versatile Perfect Fit Universal frame is designed to securely accommodate any type of Perfect Fit blind.

The frame can be effortlessly fitted inside or outside the window recess, offering flexibility, convenience and a whole host of additional applications where the benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds will enhance your Commercial environment.

The “Perfect” combination of versatility, functionality, and style

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