Hotel Blinds & Curtains

Hotel Blackout Blinds & Curtains A Serene Night’s Rest for Hotel Guests

Elevate comfort and functionality with our hassle-free hotel blackout blinds & curtains.

Offer a haven for weary travellers, jetsetters catching red-eye flights and ambitious business travellers, a darkened room during daylight hours.

Extend a warm welcome to your guests, ensuring the comfort and rejuvenation they seek for a tranquil night’s sleep.

Why choose our Hotel Blinds & Curtains?

Our suppliers are a design-led company, manufacturing Blinds & Curtains to support hotels, so they deliver a restful night’s sleep to their guests.

As we are all UK Manufacturers, you can trust the quality of our Blinds & Curtains to withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance.

Our supplier’s long warranty and an excellent track record, means a straightforward process from design to installation.

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Obstacle Detection vs No Obstacle Detection

Zipped Side Channels vs Non Zipped Side Channels

Blackout Blinds vs Blackout Curtains

The Light Problem – Tripadvisor Reviews

  • Great selection for breakfast. The only thing that prevented me from giving 5 stars was the fact the curtains let too much light into the room.

  • The curtains on the windows were difficult to operate.

  • Light poured through both the blinds and curtains. There was a dense halo of light that surrounded the window and made it difficult to fall asleep.

  • The room has no blackout curtains behind the main curtains but has sheers and AC but I had to use the chair to keep the curtains from opening as they let the light in.

Improved sound proofing, for rooms that encourage relaxation

Quiet operation & integrated controls for stress-free stays

Designs and fabrics to complement your brand

Blackout Blinds & Curtains

Blackout Blinds and Curtains in a range of colours and styles, perfect for hotels and hospitality. UK Manufactured, easy to install and low maintenance.

High quality blackout Blinds and Curtains that block light from entering the room and improve sleep quality. Great for reducing glare on TVs and laptops and keeping the room cool. Available in a wide range of blackout fabrics, contact today for a quote or to request fabric samples.

Fully framed blackout Blinds, complemented with blackout Curtains all fully automated equal the perfect nights sleep for your guests.

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