Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds for the modern workplace

Looking to upgrade your commercial office space? Look no further than roller blinds! These versatile and stylish window treatments are the perfect fit for any modern workplace.

Functionality is key in a busy office environment, and roller blinds deliver. With a simple chain mechanism or motorised controls, adjusting light and privacy is a breeze. Raise them up for a bright and vibrant atmosphere or lower them to create a cosy and focused workspace.

Maximising space is essential in any office, and roller blinds do just that. Their streamlined design takes up minimal room, fitting neatly within the window frame. Enjoy an unobstructed view and make the most of your valuable workspace.

Aesthetics matter, and roller blinds deliver on style. With a wide selection of fabrics, colours, and patterns, you can easily match them to your office decor and create a cohesive look. Achieve that clean and modern aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

Upgrade your office space with roller blinds and experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and durability. Transform your workplace into a productive and stylish haven today!

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Standout Benefits

  • Light Control: Easily adjust natural light to create a comfortable and productive workspace.

  • Privacy: Maintain confidentiality and block unwanted views in meeting rooms and offices.

  • Energy Efficiency: Regulate temperature, reduce heat gain in summer, and utilise natural light in winter.

  • Aesthetics and Branding: Customise roller blinds to match your brand and enhance the overall look.

  • Durability and Maintenance: Durable materials withstand high traffic and are easy to clean and maintain.

Dim-out Fabrics

Dim out fabric is light filtering, but provides an element of privacy when deployed where silhouettes are still visible. Dim out fabrics do not provide darkness and the amount of restricted light differs depending on a fabrics composition and colour. It is important to note that white and light-coloured translucent fabrics can sometimes increase glare and may need to be avoided. With having varying preferences as to how much light you’ll find comfortable entering the room, we have a hundreds of fabrics for you to select from and find most effective for your situation.

Blackout Fabrics

Blockout fabric has the maximum blockage of light with ‘no silhouettes visible’ privacy, improved thermal efficiency and helps reduce noise entering the room when the fabric is deployed. This fabric features 0% light transmission, determined by how well it absorbs or reflects light, but that doesn’t mean zero light spots. If installed with a standard system within the recess, the blockout fabric can still produce a ‘halo effect’ at the edges.

Screen Fabrics (Solar Shading)

Screen fabrics are designed to let light into the room, through the fabric but screen the rays of the sun from entering and landing on computer screens. These fabrics used for Roller Blinds, come with an “openness factor” usually as 1%, 3% and 5%. The more percentage openness the roller blinds fabric is, the more it is that you see outside and the less it insulates you from the heat of the sunlight. The less percentage openness, the less you see the scenery outside your window but the more it insulates you from the outside heat.

PVC Fabrics

PVC fabrics are robust, flame retardant, blockout fabrics that are moisture resistant and usually used in Commercial environments where moisture is an issue.

Ultra Fresh Fabrics

Ultra-Fresh is recommended for use in the healthcare sector, care homes, catering facilities, schools and nurseries.
With a wide range of light filtering and blackout FR fabrics available for the commercial market, it makes sense to choose window blinds treated with Ultra-fresh where antimicrobial protection is of particular importance.

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