Curtains handmade and outstanding quality

With our philosophy of keeping things straightforward, we offer three types of hand made Curtains or curtain headers, Wave, Pencil or Pinch Pleat.

Wave curtains combine a special heading tape sewn to the curtain with a unique glider cord system.  The gliders are evenly spaced along the curtain track to create a visually stunning uniform ‘wave’ effect which runs the entire height of the curtain. Very popular with voile fabrics in commercial office interiors as they take up minimal space when not in use and are suitable for light-medium weight fabrics.

Pencil Pleat headings are the traditional standard heading for Curtains. A robust and economical window treatment, pencil pleat curtains provide privacy and light exclusion.  These types of Curtains can be lined and as the fulness can be altered, are perfect for almost any Curtain fabric.

Pinch pleat curtains are hand sewn to create a luxurious traditional window treatment. The number of pleats per pinch governs the amount of fullness the curtain has. The length of the pleat can also be altered and again these Curtains can be lined.

Most Curtains that can be lined are done so with a standard lining, but other types of lining are available including Blackout and Thermal.

We have a vast selection of fabrics for you to select from and the type of fabric you choose is largely dependant on your requirements, but our experts are at hand to help and guide you if required. If there is a specific fabric you are looking for, lease contact us as we have access to hundreds of fabrics from the leading suppliers.

An Added Extra from us

If you discover a fabric that does not comply with Fire Retardant Curtain Regulations (FR rated) we have the option of coating your required fabric with a simple process, brining that fabric up to standard for your Commercial environment.

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Standout Benefits

  • Tailor Made: All our curtains are hand made and can be either Wave, Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat

  • Light Control: Curtains provide adjustable natural light levels for a comfortable environment.

  • Temperature Regulation: Curtains help maintain optimal temperatures and save energy costs.

  • Acoustic Insulation: Curtains reduce noise, creating a quieter atmosphere for productivity.

  • Aesthetic Appeal and Branding: Curtains enhance the visual appeal, reflecting your brand’s style.

Ideal for commercial spaces

Curtains are a traditional, elegant looking window shading that is increasingly popular for Commercial environments including offices, boardrooms, hotels, universities, schools and nursing homes.

Sheers Curtain Fabrics

Sheer curtains are a stylish and versatile option that adds an elegant touch to any room, allowing you to control the amount of light coming into the room, plus adding additional privacy without sacrificing the natural light. They can enhance a room’s ambience through the softening of incoming light, provided an abundance of outdoor illumination while insulating windows, increasing energy efficiency of the area they are in.

Sheer Curtains come in a variety of colours and styles, making them incredibly versatile and easy to match with any décor style, making them an excellent solution for the office environment, reception areas, hotels and meetings rooms.

Dimout Curtain Fabrics

Decorative dimout fabrics in a range of plain and semi-plain woven materials produced with a very dense weave to create a versatile selection of opacities, making them ideal for environments where they do not have to be completely dark, but still block enough light to promote a good nights sleep.

All our dimout curtains are fire retardant providing safety as well as impeccable design. Selecting a dark dimout fabric is a good choice for such things as room dividers, helping to create a certain level of atmosphere and privacy without completely darkening them room.

Blackout Curtains

In addition to fully blocking out sunlight, blackout curtains are also an excellent choice if you want to reduce noise and improve insulation in a building, potentially cutting your energy bills. Simply incorporate a Blackout or Thermal lining to your fabric, creates the desired result.  Alternatively, there are some fabrics that are manufactured as Blackout and therefore made as a single fabric curtain.

That makes them an excellent choice for hotels, nursing homes and hospitals, where people expect a good night’s sleep without disturbance. Blackout curtain fabrics are also well-suited to schools and nurseries, reducing noise and allowing children to concentrate.

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